Good life with arthritis: Denmark

What is Glad?

GLA:D stands for “Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark” GLA:D is an exercise and education program for people diagnosed with hip or knee osteoarthritis.  The education program allows participants to understand their condition better and gives practical advise on how best to live with Osteoarthritis, while the education component aims to build strength and flexibility around the affected joint to improve function and reduce pain.

The program is continually being researched and has has strong evidence to support is effectiveness.  Participants were found to have a 32% reduction in progression of symptoms of OA as well as a reduction in pain, reliance on painkillers and less time off work. The program runs for 7 weeks and requires a commitment to attend every session to get best results.  While the program only runs for 7 weeks, research has shown a reduction in symptoms 1 year after the programs completion!

How does it run?
The program is made up of 2 exercise sessions per week for 6 weeks, as well as 2 education sessions. The education sessions are critical in helping you have a deeper understanding of osteoarthritis, allowing participants to manage their pain and get the most out of the program. The exercises are designed to correct movement patterns and functional strength in order to reduce symptoms and disability and ultimately avoid surgery!  Book an initial assessment anytime to determine your suitability for the program and reserve a spot.  To book call the clinic or book online.

  • 1) Reduce pain associated with Hip and Knee osteoarthritis
  • 2) Build stregth, stability and flexibility for increased mobility and function
  • 3) Reduce the progression of the disease and avoid surgery

“Our GLA:D program is run by a qualified Physiotherapist with GLA:D certification”