Get Well... Stay Well

At Sportspinal Health we believe that “getting well” is only half the battle when you’re presented with a debilitating injury. Sportspinal’s Get Well… Stay Well program is designed to eliminate the source of your pain quickly, but, just as importantly put together strategies to stop the problem coming back!

Our 3 step program will help you to:

  • 1) Eliminate the source of your pain and get you back to your normal daily activities
  • 2) Put together strategies to prevent the injury returning
  • 3) Ongoing maintenance for those with more chronic conditions

A ‘quick fix’ treatment might work well in the short term at eliminating your pain, however, if the cause of the injury is not identified the injury will most likely return causing further pain and debility.  Our Get Well… Stay Well program will reduce the likelihood of ongoing problems, sparring you from future pain and reducing the likelihood of chronic injury.

“Our therapists will not only eliminate your pain, but, also help develop strategies to ensure you stay injury free”