Lesh Govender  |  Senior Podiatrist

Custom made orthotics are tailor made devices designed to provide support and comfort for your feet. Custom orthotics are the most scientifically advanced method for correctional control of the feet. Orthotics redistribute pressure through the foot, improving your foot’s function. The new and improved function reduces stresses on the foot, ankle, knee and lower limb, reducing the likelihood of overuse related injuries. At Sportspinal Health we combine the latest research advances with the most accurate method for designing and manufacturing orthotics.

How are custom orthotics made?

Custom orthotics start with a complete biomechanical evaluation of your feet, ankle, legs and hips by a podiatrist. Once your podiatrist has analysed your biomechanics, and taken into account occupational and lifestyle factors, a prescription will be designed to help improve the function and performance of your foot.

A mould of your foot is then be taken to ensure it fits your foot perfectly.  At Sportspinal health we now use the latest technology, 3 dimensional scanning to capture an exact replica of your foot.

Structure Sensor Scanner

Plaster casting has traditionally been the number one preference for making custom foot orthotics. However the 3 dimension Structure Sensor Scanner is now being used to obtain impressions of the foot. This 3D scanner utilizes the most cutting edge technology to obtain an impression of the foot with exceptional accuracy.

The advantages of scanning over traditional casting methods are:

  • Greater accuracy with computerised scanning and orthotic manufacture.
  • Exceptional accuracy to prescription +/- 0.5mm (man made can be subject to error).
  • Electronic storage of positives, reducing the need for costs and handling involved with negative and positive casts being sent back and forth.
  • No plaster costs, set up and clean-up of mess.

The Process

While lying in STJ neutral in a prone position a 3D laser precision scan of the feet is taken. This scan takes accurate measurements of your whole foot, particularly arch height, heel width and forefoot to rear foot relationship.  The orthotics are digitally designed to conform this mould exactly. Your podiatrist will then, using the biomechanical assessment, makes adjustments to the orthotics to aid function of the foot and the lower limb.

Orthotics are used for

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Posterior tendinopathy
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Forefoot pain (neuromas + bursitis)
  • Flat feet
  • High arches
  • Ankle pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Back pain

How long will it take to get my orthotics?

At Sportspinal Health we use a very accurate and efficient orthotic manufacturing company. Your custom made orthotics will usually be ready for your collection in 8 working days. If needed, for a small additional fee, we can fast track your custom orthotics so that they will be ready for collection within 3 days.

Do I need custom orthotics?

There are many different kinds of orthotics.  You can classify them into custom made and prefabricated or of the shelf orthotics.

From our clinical experience, custom orthotics provide the most effective solution for problems with foot and ankle biomechanics. These orthotics are recommended by your Podiatrist and are prescription devices that are custom-made to suit your individual needs and biomechanics.

When custom made orthotics are not suitable, we also offer prefabricated orthotics that are heat mouldable and adjustable. These are not custom made to your foot or biomechanics, however, your podiatrist can edit them to make them more specific to your biomechanical needs.

Your podiatrist will give you information the various types of orthotics and which will be the best option for you.

Do orthotics fit more than one pair of shoes?

Yes, orthotics can fit into many different types of shoes, from sports shoes to dress and casual footwear. Speak to your podiatrist about what shoes you would like to put your orthotics into.

It is best to have a pair of orthotics that fit into sports shoes and then a second pair which is low profile that will fit into your dress and casual shoes comfortably.

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